AccessIT 3


AccessIT 3 is a small USB accessory that plugs into a Windows computer and gives you complete control via Snap + Core First software. AccessIT plugs into the computer and gets recognized as a keyboard or mouse. You can then pair to your Snap + Core First device via Bluetooth. This gives you the opportunity to surf the web, write an essay, update friends on Facebook, and more. There is no software installation needed on the PC for AccessIT – just plug it in and go.

The ability to use a computer can bring a sense of independence and freedom. AccessIT gives you the opportunity to complete homework, finish work assignments, or even just surf the web – all on your own.

How it works

The Tobii Dynavox AccessIT 3 gives you the opportunity to control a computer via Snap + Core First software. AccessIT wirelessly enables, via Blue Tooth technology, Snap + Core First to send key strokes and mouse moves to a Windows computer. It’s a tool for any selection or access method. Specifically designed for ease of use and portability, this accessory is powered by the computer’s USB port and is accessible through eye gaze and scanning.

AccessIT 3 is the 3rd generation of the AccessIT accessory. Previous versions of the AccessIT accessory are not compatible with Snap + Core First. Additionally, AccessIT 3 will not work with older software titles that support the accessory.

Download Product Sheet:
AccessIT 3 PI Sheet