AssistX Mobil


AssistX Mobil is a safe, flexible, wireless call system for intensive care at home, in residential groups, homes and clinics. A wide variety of sensors and switches, but also communication aids and medical devices can be used to trigger a call. Multiple transmitters can be combined with one or more receivers.

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The call that is received safely

Our Call System is particularly safe: the transmitters and receivers use a special frequency and meet all requirements of the AU standard. Every call is confirmed and cannot be lost. Continuous monitoring of the battery status and range guarantee perfect functioning. Unplugging a cable or other changes also trigger an alarm. All activities are logged in the receiver.

Multi User


One for all, all for …

For use in residential groups, in small nursing homes and in clinical environments, several transmitters can be combined with one or multiple receivers. The receivers recognize when another has already confirmed the call. A name can be assigned to each transmitter so that you can immediately see who needs help. Optional repeaters increase the range in larger buildings.



Extend with a secure call

A communication device enables conversation with its voice output and in writing. With AssistX Mobil it can be expanded with a secure call function. The AAC device only needs to have an infrared transmitter, which is usually installed. A safe call can be activated with eye control, head or mouth movements.


Assistive Call Activation


Any switches or sensors can be connected via the AssistX port. External devices with a call output, e.g. ventilators can be used as triggers. Customized for each user, as needed.


  • Secure wireless call system according to DIN VDE 0834
  • Transmitter is equipped with an AssistX port and an IR sensor
  • Battery and function monitoring of the transmitter
  • Range monitoring
  • Acknowledgement by soothing lamp function
  • Adjustable volume
  • Optical and acoustic signaling
  • Vibration signaling
  • Social Alarm Frequency
  • Group: Several transmitters can be *interconnected to several receivers
  • An individual name can be assigned to each transmitter.
  • Large color display in the receiver
  • Battery life: Depending on the inserted sensor, up to several days (transmitter); 9 – 20 h (receiver)
  • Receiver configurable by display menu or PC
  • Dimensions: approx. 65 x 119 x 26.5 mm