BJ Live – Control Pro


Control up to 112 household devices in an accessible manner.

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Thanks to its infrared learning system you can control any device that works using a remote control.

With the appropriate accessories you can control also other elements like doors, lights, beds, ceiling hoists, blinds, electrical appliances, alert systems, etc.

  • Access as it suits you better: using the keypad on the remote control or with a single external switch by scanning.
  • Customize the function that performs each key according to your needs.
  • Control all you want, you have 112 different functions.
  • Memorize the functions of any IR remote controller (TV, air conditioning, HiFi, etc.)
  • With the radio frequency system, control the elements overcoming obstacles and walls; no need to aim.
  • Easy to hang around the neck and attach to a wheelchair.
  • Ergonomic keypad with a configurable anti-shake system.
  • Customize your covers with your favourite images by means of the included program.
  • Use the mobile phone charger to top the long-lasting battery up.
  • Possibility of macros: a single button activates a sequence of actions.

This device is part of our environmental control solution.


Suitable for

  • Physical disabilities: spinal cord injuries, multiple sclerosis, ALS, neuromuscular disorders…
  • Cerebral palsy
  • Brain injuries: ictus, traumatic brain injury…
  • The Elderly

Technical features:

  • Number of keys: 15
  • Number of programmemable functions per key: 8
  • High luminosity LEDs.
  • Removable cover.
  • Long autonomy: 900 mAh Ion-lithium battery.
  • Charge using a USB cable.
  • Fixing to be able to hang the remote control.
  • Radio Frequency: 433 MHz (ICM).
  • Infrared Frequency: 38 kHz.
  • Size: 114 x 65 x 14.5 mm.
  • Two scanning methods: simple or by rows and columns.
  • Personalised scanning time.
  • Customisable number of scenes and keys.
  • Customisable scene change key.
  • Direct programmeming of a telephone complete scene for telephone control.
  • Macros with sequences of up to 9 consecutive actions.
  • Visual feedback.

Compatible with switch.