Mobile Magic Carpet


Bring surfaces to life and create an inclusive play environment for people of all abilities. Magic Carpet™ is an award-winning interactive projection system that displays motion responsive games and activities on to floors, tables and beds. Magic Carpet™ offers a wide variety of stimulating content that is suitable for multi-sensory exploration, play, learning, therapy and relaxation. The slightest movement over the projected image will cause an audiovisual effect response. User interaction creates real-time communication feedback with the content and allows games and activities to be responsive to body movement. System options include Mobile and Installed.

Interactive floors and tables

Responsive surfaces for interaction, therapy and play. Magic Carpet™ removes many of the barriers people face when interacting in mixed ability groups by offering a universally accessible interaction platform. Magic Carpet™ enables everyone to participate on equal terms and helps to create an inclusive play environment.

Why Magic Carpet?

Supporting individuals with complex needs is Magic Carpet’s primary use case.

Everyone Plays

Magic Carpet™ provides an inclusive play experience for people of all ages and abilities and supports a wide range of inputs and controls!


The breadth of content makes Magic Carpet™ suitable for education, therapy and play. Great for schools, hospitals, care settings, day services, play centres and more!


Interact with variable stimuli, visuals and sounds that respond when you move. The system also responds to objects, so you can use tactile objects to enhance the experience.

Accessible Format

Magic Carpet™ turns any surface into an engaging interactive experience. Project on to floors, tables, beds, wheelchair trays and more.


Unleash your creativity. Input your own images, artwork, music and photos to create highly personalised activities for education, therapy and play!

Hygienic & Safe

In hospitals and environments where minimising infection risks is essential, Magic Carpet™ is the perfect inclusive play solution that helps to keep communal play spaces safe and clean.


Features catering for a diverse range of needs.

  • 500+ Apps – Magic Carpet™ content suite includes over 500 stunning apps, sensitive to all levels of user interaction and accessible to multiple inputs.

  • Eye Gaze Input – Magic Carpet™ is compatible with Tobii eye trackers allowing eye gaze users to interact simultaneously and collaborate with their peers.

  • App Builder – Our easy to use app builder will have you making your very own stunning interactive apps in minutes!

  • 35 Templates – 35 different effects to create your own content including: fish pond, splat, wipe, scatter, catch, memory, quiz, football, water, sound pad and many more…

  • Media Library – Magic Carpet™ has a stunning media library with over 5000 royalty free media assets to use in your app creations.

  • Collections – Group apps into your own custom collections and make it easy to retrieve personal favourites or apps designed for lessons or therapy sessions.

  • Categories – Magic Carpet™ apps are grouped into categories to make it easy for users to find applications for specific user requirements.

  • Playlists / Schedules – Create playlists and and conveniently schedule them so that the system can run and launch apps without the need of an operator.

  • Favourites – Home screen shows the favourite apps so you can access them quickly without navigating. Simply star an app for it to appear on your home screen.

Magic Carpet App

Magic Carpet™ has a companion control app for Android and Apple devices that makes it possible to control all aspects of the system remotely. Easily switch apps, design apps as users interact, setup playlists and create schedules and app collections featuring your favourite apps. The controller app provides a visual for every Magic Carpet™ application and can be used by people of all abilities to choose their own apps and activities.

System Options

Mobile Magic Carpet

Mobile Magic Carpet™ is a versatile variable size projection system that can be moved from space to space with ease:

Variable size image: 1.2 – 3.8M

Plug and play!

500+ Apps

35 Templates

Project on to tables, floors and wheelchair trays

Bright powerful image

Responsive motion tracking system

Installed Magic Carpet

Magic Carpet™ is a convenient fixed installation system that can be neatly installed into a wide range of environments: sensory rooms, classrooms, hospital wards, care settings, play centres, libraries and more.

Power on and play!

500+ Apps

35 Templates

Project on to tables, floors and wheelchair trays

Bright powerful image

Responsive motion tracking system

Robust fixing system and wall rack for PC

Get a demo

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