FloorStand Pentalock Tele


Telescopic floor mount on fivestar base with casters, to position communication aids and computers/tablets over beds, sofas or wheelchairs. The design combines REHAdapt‘s classic Floorstand arm (with gas-spring loaded column, double-clamp UDS and quickshift lever joints) with a small-footprint rolling base.

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Product Description

Five Star base with caster

A five-star rolling base with caster gives high stability with small foot-print.

The telescopic columns of the Tele– and Variostands are equipped with a gas spring. Adjusting to the required height is a snap and works so smoothly, that you‘ll find your-self pulling it in and out just for the fun of it!

Quick Release system with two levers allows for safe device attachment within seconds. With a small footprint on the device, yet great sturdiness!

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