Fold Down Mounts



REHAdapt Monty 3D K Fold-down wheelchair-mount for communication devices and notebooks, free from play. Exiting and parking of the device is possible by a movement upwards and then to the side of the wheelchair.

Wheelchair mount for the use of communication devices or notebooks on the standard round tubular frames of all wheelchair makes and models, with certain accessories, on square frame as well as electric wheelchairs. The unique joints make it possible for the mount to be easily adjustable in any position 3-dimentionally. The M3D-K can not only be swung away for exiting a wheelchair and parking of a device, it can also be folded for minimal space, as well as maximum comfort and convenience.

Easy to fold

The M3D-K‘s second joint allows it to be folded.

Quickshift lever

By first turning the quickshift lever, then slightly lifting and turning the M3D the 3 built-in positions can be used.

3 built-in positions

1. in use
2. exiting
3. parked