Emego Assistive Switch


Emego is simple to use and easy to set up, the body sensor can be attached to a wide range of muscles to detect signals from fingers and toes to facial eye muscles or a jaw clench. Being a fully compliant Class I Medical Device means it is safe to use all over the body.

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The Alternative Assistive Switch

Emego is an innovative new electromyography (EMG) switch that uses the very small electrical signals from limited muscle activity to wirelessly trigger electronic assistive technology equipment (eAT). Designed to be used by people with severe disabilities to give them greater independence and control over their communication (AAC) & environmental control (EC) equipment needs.

This Class I medical device uses dry sensing technology which means no more uncomfortable skin preparation or gels and the Bluetooth LE wireless operation means Emego is truly wireless. Emego is body worn, small, light and can be used over extended periods, suitable for applications to detect muscle signals around the jaw, eye, and limbs.