My name is Steve and I have a neurological disability known as muscular dystrophy. I’m in the final stage of this condition which gives me not much time to live.

My physical strength has deteriorated at a rapid rate over the past 18 months to the point where I have lost the ability of all movement as well as the ability of speech.

It has been difficult enough adjusting to the loss of movement but the inability to speak was beginning to get me down to the point where I began to withdraw from all conversation.

Things have changed considerably since I was given the use of the Tobii communication computer which has meant that I’m now able to reconnect with the world and friends.

I have now been using Tobii for several weeks now and getting better at communicating with others via emails, skype, facebook and the internet.

Until I began using Tobii I hadn’t realized how close I was to depression as I was becoming insular and withdrawn.

I’m constantly dealing with changes and feel that I have been fortunate, privileged that I live in a society that cares.

This Tobii communication computer and other equipment provided has meant that people like me can live a meaningful life with the help of family, friends and the services provided.

I can say in all honestly, if I didn’t have this gadget now, I think it would have been too late.  The time it would have taken to approve, fund and arrival, it would be too late. Effectively, thanks for pre-empting and fighting for me to jump the queue.



11 July 1955 – 19 January 2015

Adelaide, Australia