How do I set up the Pretorian APPlicator Bluetooth switch interface?

Pairing to the iPad

1.  Wake up the APPlicator switch interface by pressing any of the three buttons on the switch interface. The display will show a rotating pattern to indicate it is searching for a device with which to connect.

2.  On your iPad, go to Settings > Bluetooth.  Ensure that Bluetooth is enabled (On).

3.  In a moment, the iPad will discover the APPlicator switch interface.  It will appear on the Bluetooth screen under Devices as something similar to Pretorian-V49.3-ABC1.

4.  Select Pretorian-V49.3-ABC1, and pairing will begin.  After about 20 seconds, the iPad will state that the device is Connected.

The APPlicator switch interface is now ready for use with the iPad.


Accessing the Compass app

1. Attach your switch to Port 1 on the APPlicator switch interface. If using two switches, attach the second switch to Port 2.

2.  In the Compass software, open the Settings menu. Then select Access Method.

3.  Select Scanning then select the blue Settings button

The Scanning Settings menu will open.

4. In the Advanced Settings menu, next to Switch 1 Input, select 0.

5.  Next to Switch 2 Input, select 1.

6.  Select Done and exit all menus.

7.  On the APPlicator switch interface, select the CHAN button until 1 is selected

8.  Select MODE until the display reads 0.

9.  Select CHAN again until 2 is selected.

10.  Select MODE until the display reads 1.

The APPlicator switch interface is now ready for use with the Compass software.