Dynavox Maestro – Immediate End of Sale Notification

Tobii Dynavox is today announcing the immediate End of Sale of the Maestro speech generating device.

Link-AT will continue to provide technical support and repair services for Maestro customers, and will also continue to honor any standard or current warranties.

Also please note that this end of sale announcement applies only to the Maestro device. Accessories will continue to be available for purchase for the foreseeable future and is not included in this EOS notification.

For additional information regarding the End of Sale of Maestro, please contact Link-AT.

The Maestro is superseded by the Tobii Dynavox T-Series with Compass software which offers both touch and scanning access. Alternative solutions for touch and scanning access are the Tobii I-Series (Communicator or Compass software) and Tobii M-8 (Communicator software).