Warranty Information

1.1 Product Warranty Periods


Tobii Dynavox Products

Manufacturer’s Warranty

Tobii Dynavox warrants, during a period of twenty-four (24) months from the date of shipment, that our delivered products:

  • correspond in all material respects to their specifications
  • are free from defects of materials or workmanship
  • function subject to their intended use

If you discover a defect, Tobii Dynavox will, at its option, repair or replace your device with a new or refurbished unit of the same or similar model.


This warranty does not apply to consumable items, such as batteries, unless damage has occurred due to defects in materials and workmanship. Tobii Dynavox warrants that, if applicable, the product batteries will materially function in accordance with specifications for:

  1. ninety (90) days from delivery for external batteries.
  2. twelve (12) months from delivery of Tobii Dynavox products with internal batteries.


Products and accessories not manufactured by Tobii Dynavox are not covered by the Tobii Dynavox Manufacturer Warranty, nor are defects or malfunctions caused by:

  • third party products
  • alteration or modification of the product (s)
  • using the product (s) in a way which is inconsistent with the intended purpose
  • using the product (s) in a manner or purpose other than specified in the user manual
  • negligence
  • normal wear and tear of the hardware


The Tobii Dynavox Manufacturer Warranty is considered null and void if damage has been caused, in our estimation, by disassembly or other modification by any party who is not specifically authorized by Tobii Dynavox to provide such service.

See Warranty and support service plan – Tobii Dynavox Global

And http://tdvox.web-downloads.s3.amazonaws.com/Forms_Warranties_Declarations/TobiiDynavox_Manufacturers_Warranty_V1_3_en-US_WEBHQ.pdf

If your product also includes TD Care or you have purchased this with your device, you are also eligible for damage protection. Damage protection includes:

  • Unlimited accidental damage protection during the subscription period
  • Batteries and chargers included (replaced/repaired at no cost)


Rehadapt Mounts

All mounts have a two-year warranty.


AbleNet offers a limited manufacturer’s warranty on all AbleNet manufactured products for up to 2 years from the original purchase date. This warranty covers defects in materials and manufacturing for two full years from the date of purchase.


The Emego has a 12-month warranty see: http://emego.co.uk/wp-content/uploads/2018/03/Emego-Instructions-for-Use.pdf

Apple Products

All Apple Products (eg iPads) have a one year warranty.

Link Assistive Care

Link Assistive Care provides 2 years of hardware coverage for your Link Assistive Speech Bundle. It includes up to two incidents of accidental damage protection per warranty period (2 years).  Must be purchased at same time as Speech Bundle.


Link Assistive Money Back Guarantee

At Link Assistive we want to make sure you are satisfied with your purchase. Due to the nature of many of our products it is usual practise for equipment to be trialled for a short period to fully determine suitability or to compare with alternative products. However, some items are not available for trial. These are smaller, low cost or low-support items. The money-back guarantee is available for those items that are not available via our equipment trial service. For more information see https://www.linkassistive.com/money-back-guarantee/


1.2 Service and Repairs

Link Assistive is your go to supplier for repairs of any of our products. Repairs may be at no cost if the product is covered under damage protection, otherwise repairs will be quoted. If your product requires repairs or maintenance, please contact support@linkassistive.com