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TD I-110


TD I-110. Durable AAC device with TD Snap & PODD pre-installed. Durability case, carry strap, carry bag incl. 1 hr remote Clinical Support, 3yr tech support, warranty + accidental damage cover. Compl w.Australian/ISO Standards.

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Built for life

TD I-110 is a durable touch screen speech generating device for those with conditions such as autism. This communication solution is now designed to keep up with even more of life’s adventures.

Built to keep up

Don’t miss a beat thanks to enhanced performance. With up to 3 times the processing speed and double the memory and storage, TD I-110 will keep up with your thoughts, pictures, videos and books for up to 10 hours of continuous run time.

Built to last

This robust device is built for hard knocks, featuring an integrated crash case and a Gorilla Glass touch screen. It’s ready for rain showers and spills with a water-resistant design. Take it on the go and put it down where you like thanks to a sturdy built-in kickstand that can now withstand even more pressure.

Built for communication

TD I-110 is tailor made for AAC (augmentative and alternative communication). It’s loaded with TD Snap, our symbol-supported AAC software that simplifies and enriches communication. With extra-loud outward-facing speakers, the option of a handle or wheelchair mount plate, and a wide selection of keyguards, your voice will be always heard on your own terms.



Explore TD Snap Page Sets

Success looks different for everyone. TD Snap offers a suite of eye gaze, touch and switch-enabled page sets to meet different communication needs and preferences.

Tobii Dynavox TD Snap Core First on an assistive technology device

Core First – A symbol-supported page set enabling a path to communication and literacy at any stage of language development, by Tobii Dynavox.

Tobii Dynavox TD Snap Motor Plan on an assistive technology device

Motor Plan – A symbol-supported page set enabling efficient language acquisition at any age, custom designed for both touch and eye gaze, by Tobii Dynavox.

Tobii Dynavox TD Snap PODD on an assistive technology device
PODD – A page set based on the Pragmatic Organization Dynamic Display vocabulary strategy, developed by Gayle Porter.
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Tech Support Available

Tech Support Available

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