Speech Case Tablet

SC Tablet is a compact yet durable iPad-based speech generating device for people of all ages with communication impairments. Pre-loaded with TD Snap (including pagesets Core First, Motor Plan, Aphasia, Text, Core First Scanning) and TD Talk, this rugged device has loud speakers and a fitted silicone case to withstand drops, complete with reinforced corners, a screen-protecting frame, and built-in handle and stand. It’s available in two sizes: SC Tablet and SC Tablet Mini.

    • Speech Case Tablet. Speech Case, iPad 10.2" 64GB WiFi, TD Snap and TD Talk, carry strap, screen protector, Link Assistive Care*. Care details on our website

      SKU: SC 10.2" 64


    Add Keyguard Holder?

    Add Keyguard?


The Speech Case 10.2″ Bundle comes with 2 years warranty:

Link Assistive Care
Full Manufacturer’s Warranty
1 x hour remote Clinical Support
2 x year tech support
2 x incidents of accidental damage

Note: Additional accessories such as cases, keyguards, switches and switch mounts come with a 90-day warranty, and device mounts come with a one-year warranty. None of these items are covered under Link Assistive Care and it’s not possible to purchase an additional warranty for accessories or device mounts.

For further details, please visit: Warranty Information – Link Assistive Pty Ltd

Tech Support Available

Tech Support Available

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