Assist Webinar Series

The Link Assistive Clinical Team will be running a series of regular webinars to support you to get to know our products, get ready for device trials and do more with your technology. Please find below the currently scheduled webinars. Check the Link Assistive website for updates. All webinars will run for approximately 45 minutes with time for questions and support. Make sure that you register in advance using the Zoom registration links below. We look forward to seeing you online!


Date & Time

The Latest from Link Assistive

Join us to talk about the latest products in the Link Assistive range. We will give updates on current products, introduce new products and give information on the support we can offer.

Monday, 4th October 2021


  • 4.30pm (ACT, VIC, NSW, TAS)
  • 4pm (SA)
  • 3.30pm (QLD)
  • 3pm (NT)
  • 1.30pm (WA)

Cosmo – Introduction & Overview

Cosmo is an award-winning and evidence-based system that re-imagines play and therapy for people with Special Education Needs and disabilities. In this session, the makers of Cosmo will join us from London to go through some of its numerous use cases for people with autism, Cerebral Palsy and moderate and severe learning disabilities. They will also tell us about recent developments as well as how parents, teachers and therapists are involved in the development of this unique learning system.

Tuesday, 19th October 2021


  • 5.30pm (ACT, VIC, NSW, TAS)
  • 5pm (SA)
  • 4.30pm (QLD)
  • 4pm (NT)
  • 2.30pm (WA)

Emergent Eye Gaze: An Introduction

This webinar will introduce a new Link Assistive resource to support trialing eye gaze with individuals new to eye gaze. The resource includes:

  • Progression of eye gaze skills
  • Setting goals for trial
  • Set up for emergent users
  • Key settings and features for emergent users
  • Introduction to software options
  • Implementation ideas

Tuesday, 2nd November 2021


  • 5pm (ACT, VIC, NSW, TAS)
  • 4.30pm (SA)
  • 4pm (QLD)
  • 3.30pm (NT)
  • 2pm (WA)