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Helping users and families learn about available equipment
and services.

How can we help users and families?


Trials and


Setup support


For our full list of our equipment and services,
including hire and training:

Direct purchase

Users and families may use this website to identify appropriate low-cost assistive technology to meet their needs.

This may include switch technology and low cost computer access devices such as alternative or adapted mice and keyboards.

Clinician-recommended equipment

Health professionals use our services to assist them in selecting and purchasing appropriate higher cost equipment for users. Users and families may use our website to learn more about the equipment, products, or solutions a health professional has recommended for them.

Our Clinician Team

Quoting for NDIS

Link Assistive is a registered NDIS provider. We can help you by providing a personalised quote for your Assistive Technology NDIS application.

Frequently Asked Questions

Clinician Stories

Assistive Technology Consultant, Sydney NSW

15 March 2023


3 March 2023

The Tobii Dynavox suite of Apps

27 February 2023


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