MyECC Eye gaze interface

MyECC Eye gaze interface. Allows eye gaze control of powered wheelchair. The purchase of this item includes an initial assessment. Includes 2 yr warranty.

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MyECC is an interface that allows a user to control the functions of their powered wheelchair, including driving and adjusting the seating position, using eye gaze. MyECC allows the functions of the powered wheelchair’s controller to be available on the screen of a Tobii Dynavox eye gaze device, which enables the user to drive their wheelchair and adjust the seat position using only the movements of their eyes. This product is designed to enable powered wheelchair users to independently control their powered wheelchair when other access methods are not an option due to the nature of their physical disability.

The MyEcc can be extended by integrating the front facing camera of the eye gaze device. The display will then show the surrounding field of vision. The transparency of the directional arrows and of the camera image can be adjusted.


  • MyECC should only be used indoors within the client’s home environment and outside strictly within the confines of the client’s private residence (e.g. rear enclosed yard if assessed as safe to do so by the treating therapist / clinician). It should not be used within the wider community.
  • The client should always have their therapist / responsible carer present during the trial period when using MyECC to control their powered wheelchair with eye gaze.
  • The treating / prescribing therapist / clinician should utilise appropriate assessment guidelines / measures when determining whether MyECC is appropriate for their client e.g. powered mobility aid driving assessments and prescribing guidelines.

Prescriber Responsibilities

By requesting a MyECC Assessment service, rental or purchase of MyECC, the prescribing therapist / clinician agrees to:

  • Ensure that the necessary medical and functional assessments have been completed, and that these assessments indicate that the client is a suitable and safe candidate for trial or use of MyECC. As this product requires the user to access a screen using eye gaze whilst moving in a powered mobility aid through the environment, it is recommended that the treating clinician / therapist include assessment of the following client factors:
    • Cognition
    • Vision
    • Hearing
    • Perceptual skills
    • Attention / Concentration
    • Memory
    • Ability to understand and retain instructions related to use of MyECC
    • Response time
    • Powered mobility aid driving skills.
  • Ensure that the home environment in which the trial is to take place is suitable for use of a powered mobility aid controlled by eye gaze.
  • Ensure that the client, the client’s family and / or the client’s carers are provided with information as to the purpose and safe use of MyECC for trial and use.
  • Ensure that the client is always supervised by a therapist or carer in their use of MyECC.
  • Take measures to reduce the risk of injury to the client or others during the trial of MyECC – e.g. closed footwear, clearance of obstacles within the home environment.
  • Familiarise themselves with safe set-up and use of MyECC prior to commencing using it with the client
  • Contact Link Assistive if further training and / or information is required regarding set-up and operation of MyECC, or if any concerns arise as to the suitability of MyECC for the client during the trial period.
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Tech Support Available

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