Sensory Eye FX 2


Sensory Eye FX 2 features 30 activities designed to support the development of essential visual skills such as locating a stimulus, selecting a stimulus, shifting gaze between stimuli, visual search, visual memory and more. It is fully gaze enabled providing opportunities for visual stimulation and eye gaze control skills development. The recording functionality can be useful in assessment contexts as well as in providing a means to capture user generated images to share with others.


  • 30 activities grouped into 5 levels of exploration
  • Eye Gaze control software
  • Media Library
  • Realtime Heatmaps
  • Customisable Content
  • Screen Recording
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Minimum PC specification for Sensory Eye FX 2: OS Windows 10, Screen Resolution 1920×1080, Intel Core I-5 7200U, 8GB RAM, 1.8GB available Hard Disk Space.