Quha Soft Button


Kajo Soft Button is a soft switch that can be used for example for switch access or making an assistant call. Activating the switch requires only a light press and the large soft surface of the switch is easy to hit. Because of the soft foam layer under the cover the Soft Button can be safely pressed with head movement.

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Alternative Assistant or Nurse Call Method

SoftButton can be used as an alternative alarm method with an assistant call or a nurse call system. It can especially benefit people who can not press the button of traditional wrist transmitters or other remotes. SoftButton can also be used for Computer Access and Environmental Control.

Safety pin attachment to textiles

The safety pin in the bottom of the SoftButton ensures that the button stays where it is supposed to stay during the night. It can be attached for to a pillow or to some other textile. The safety pin can be detached from the bottom of the switch.

The cover of the SoftButton is dirt resistant but also skin friendly. The cover can be washed (up to 60°) and replaced. Each SoftButton includes one cover.