Equipment Trial Service

Paid Rentals

Paid Rentals

We offer equipment rentals for the following devices:

  • Tobii Dynavox I-110
  • Tobii Dynavox I-13
  • Tobii Dynavox I-16
  • Link Assistive EyeMobile 5

There may be additional costs for software if it does not come standard on the device. You are also able to rent a mount if required.

Are rental devices new?

In general all rental eye gaze devices are new or may be part of a rental equipment pool. Should you go ahead with an I-Series, I-110 or EyeMobile buy-out you will receive a new device.

Are there minimal rental periods?

The minimum rental period for all devices is 12 weeks. The rental period cannot be greater than 24 weeks.

What are the costs?

All rental devices and mounts incur a fee.

Tobii Dynavox I-13 and Tobii Dynavox I-16

Rental fee 12 weeks:

  • I-13: $3,895
  • I-16: $3,895

Rental fee per 4 weeks – after initial 12 weeks

  • I-13: $1,615
  • I-16: $1,615

Preinstalled software includes Snap Core First, Communicator 5 and Computer Control. Please specify upon ordering.

Compass, Grid 3, Look to Learn and Sensory Eye FX software is available at a cost of $65 per 4 weeks per software.

Shipping and Handling cost $265

Tobii Dynavox I-110

Rental fee 12 weeks:

  • Tobii Dynavox I-110: $2,995

Rental fee per 4 weeks – after initial 12 weeks

  • Tobii Dynavox I-110: $1,495

Preinstalled software includes Snap Core First, Communicator 5 and Compass with PODD.

Grid 3 and PODD is available at a cost of $65 per 4 weeks

Shipping and Handling cost $155

Link Assistive EyeMobile 5

Rental fee per 12 weeks:

  • Eye Mobile 5: $2,995

Rental fee per 4 weeks – after initial 12 weeks

  • EyeMobile 5: $1,495

Software options are:

  • Snap Core First
  • Communicator 5
  • Grid 3
  • Look to Learn
  • EyeFX

At a cost of $65 per software per 4 weeks

Shipping and Handling cost $265


Low cost AT items such as switches and carry bags are not available for hire.

For device specific accessories please contact us.

Table Stands

Rental fee per 4 weeks is $95

  • ClampOnMount
  • TS-XL


Rental fee per 4 weeks is $295.

  • Floorstand Telelock Quickpack
  • Floorstand Variolock Quickpack

Wheelchair Mount

Rental fee per 4 weeks is $295.

  • Monty 3D Plus HD (previously known as Monty 3D EyeControl HD)
  • Monty 3D QuickShift
  • Monty 3D Curved

The Monty 3D mount rentals include one frame clamp – please specify which frame clamp you need. Our wheelchair mount form will help with deciding on the correct one! Additional frame clamps or parts are $65 per 4 weeks per part.

What are my options at the end of the device rental period?

At the end of the device rental period you have the option to buy-out the equipment*, return the equipment or extend the rental.

* the buy-out rules don’t apply when only a mount is rented.

Option 1 Buy Out

  • The buy-out needs to occur within the first 12 weeks. In that case all rental costs excluding shipping and handling ($265) will be taken off the purchase price.
  • Purchases after returning the equipment are not eligible for a buy-out (no rental fees will be deducted).

Option 2 Return Device

  • Devices can be returned at the end of the rental period. Return postage is at the renter’s cost. If the renter prefers that Link Assistive arranges device pick up at the end of the rental period there will be a $155 shipping cost.

Option 3 Extend Rental

  • There is an option to extend your rental per 4 weeks. Costs as above. Extension fees cannot be deducted from the purchase price of the device. Only the first 12 weeks can be deducted (less shipping).

 Do I get a discount if I purchase?

If you decide to purchase the device, then the rental fees are taken out of the price of purchase. You keep the device you have rented. The device must be purchased within the rental period.

What support can I access?

The Link Assistive Team is available to support you from assessment through the trial process and evaluation. Our speech pathologists and occupational therapist can support you in determining suitable equipment to trial and providing you with the training you need to make the most of your trial. Should you encounter technical challenges during your trial our team is able to log in remotely to the device to support with troubleshooting.

How do I get a quote for rentals?

Please contact the Link Assistive Team for an individualised quote or (08) 7120 6002.


For more information on rentals please contact us or (08) 7120 6002.